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Hi! I'm Tony.
Software Developer

I am currently a software developer, robotics enthusiast, electronics hobbyist, homelabber, Linux user and tinkerer who is studying software engineering at the University of Waterloo!

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Who am I?

I am a second year student studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy all aspects of Software and Computer engineering, and plan to explore as much as I can through my education.

In my spare time, I dwell in front of computers working on whatever has sparked my interest and curiosity! I am currently working on several electronics projects using an assortment of microcontrollers, as well as self-hosting several platforms. I feature some of my projects on my YouTube channel.

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University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE), Software Engineering
L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute
OSSD. President of Robotics, AV Crew, Tech Crew, CS Club. VP of Radio L'Am.
Sep 2020 - Dec 2020
Full Stack Developer (Vue + Go)
Jan 2020 - Apr 2020
Full Stack Developer (React + PHP/Node)
May 2019 - Aug 2019
Full Stack Developer (React/Redux + PHP)


I have a wide techincal knowledge ranging from programming, to electronics, computer hardware, robotics, AV production, and a heap of experience from high school. I have worked with many programming languages, such as Java and RobotC for robotics, C and Arduino for electronics, Vue and React for web frontend development as well as Node, Go and PHP for backend applications. Through my multiple internships, I have helped design and develop software to high standards.

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Projects and Hobbies


I enjoy engineering solutions and programming to make our lives easier and more fun! (C++/Node/Java)



I enjoy programming and tinkering with a variety of microcontrollers & electronics. (C/Arduino)

Electonics Videos


I was the president and lead programmer for our VEX and FRC robotics teams. (C/Java)

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Tony has been a fantastic addition to our team, he's extremely intelligent, hard working, dedicated and passionate. He completes his tasks on time and of high quality and whats more he does it with care and careful attention to detail. Tony was a high performing and valued member of our team.

Matteo Barreca

Matteo Barreca

Designware, Chief Product Officer

Tony is a fast learner with a desire to understand new technology and the skills to apply it to new problems. He is not afraid to take on new challenges or to ask for help when he is stuck, always interested in being the best he can be. Tony has quickly integrated himself with our team and become a valuable asset.

Esa Khamis

Esa Khamis

Venngage, Tech Lead

Tony is enthusiastic, gracious and kind in all his interactions with peers and teachers. He is a technical wizard but humble. It has been a blessing and a pleasure to work with him. Tony has been a critical member of the the team, he was a team leader, lead programmer and designer of the electrical system for our robots.

Grantley Blenman

Grantley Blenman

Team 2198, Robotics Coach

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